Friday, June 24, 2011

What the Heck?

Not sure what the moral of this story is. Riding a bike will likely kill you is about the only message I could extract.


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  1. Well... Hmmm... There's so many things one could say about this video. It was rather gruesomely amusing, and the monkey masks somewhat resembled death masks. One has to wonder how the monkeys had managed to survive as long as they had in the first place. I also would comment that, those are some long nine blocks.
    More seriously though, the video seems to imply that cyclists who don't follow rules made for cars are stupid and likely to die, when in fact the film doesn't show people just breaking rules, but ignoring all common sense. Following rules for cars is sometimes just as likely to get you killed.
    But wait - maybe the film is about Darwinism: e.g., if your brakes don't work, and you can't figure out how to turn your bike to the side to stop it, then maybe the gene pool is better off without you.