Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gournal. Like a journal, but with a hard 'G'

Amsterdam has been super real. Today’s tour of the city’s ‘less developed’ cycling infrastructure gave me a whole new perspective on the bike facilities here. In Eugene, a tour of the bike infrastructure would likely highlight the river path, 12th avenue, Alder st., the Amazon path etc. We have great facilities, but the vast majority of Eugene’s infrastructure is car oriented. In Amsterdam, the script, like they say, is flipped. Touring the facilities of Amsterdam might take weeks, so instead you can tour the undeveloped parts of the city. It’s a totally reciprocal ratio. When I do finally get back to Eugene, I fear the town I once lauded for it’s bicycle accommodations will see woefully inefficient. Maybe that’s the point of this trip.

On a way different note, I’m going to try my hand in bicycle propaganda by way of posting super cool bike related videos that will no doubt make everyone wish they rode their bikes everyday. Cause if marketing teaches us anything, it's that people want to do what's 'cool.' Why not make what's 'cool' also good for the people and the planet?

I'll start with a video that is catalyzing one of the bicycle communities less represented demographics. You'll notice the style of bike is similar to the upright riding style of Dutch bikes. They too, rarely wear helmets or any other cycling gear for that matter. Oakland's own Trunk Boiz.

For more info on Scraper Bikes check this video about the man behind the movement, Baybe Champ.

For more info on Baybe Champ, peep UO's own Oregon Voice Magazine's interview with the King from in the PDF of the "Rolling Issue."

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